Support for cancer patients

Uganda Cancer Trust UK recognises that there are many individuals in Uganda who struggle to pay their cancer treatment costs. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to help everyone and have laid out the following criteria for how we will give support.

We will:

  • pay 10% of the previous year’s annual income of Uganda Cancer Trust UK to help individuals pay for their cancer treatment, up to the value of 10% of the treatment costs associated with any one person’s illness.
  • take cases on a first come first served basis.  Should a case not be dealt with in one financial year it will be reviewed again in the subsequent year.
  • verify the legitimacy of the case ahead of giving any money.
  • support a fundraising campaign for the individual through the Uganda Cancer Trust UK website and JustGiving pages. All individuals who have demonstrated that they have a legitimate case (regardless of whether we are able to help with funding treatment) will be able to run a fundraising campaign endorsed by Uganda Cancer Trust UK.  All funds raised will go directly to that specific individual’s treatment.

The person concerned must:

  • be a resident of Uganda.
  • be undergoing cancer treatment in Uganda. We will need verification of this through a medical note from a reputable doctor in Uganda stating the type of cancer being treated and the approximate cost of the treatment. We will also ask for proof that medical treatment has been undertaken.
  • be receiving treatment through the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago Hospital, unless this is not possible or practical (e.g. because of location).
  • Provide proof that they cannot meet the cost of the treatment through other means. We will need proof of income and dependents associated with the individual.