Uganda Cancer Trust UK is a young charity with big plans.  We want to make sure our funding makes a real difference, so we are focusing on two areas to start with.

1. Partnerships

Uganda Cancer Trust UK is a UK based charity raising money to improve cancer treatment and care in Uganda. We do not implement projects on the ground – we think that local people and organisations are far better placed to do this.

Uganda Cancer Trust UK is currently supporting the Palliative Care Association of Uganda to recruit and train volunteers to be part of the palliative care multidisciplinary team, expanding their volunteer programme to reach the maximum number of cancer patients.

The volunteers help patients access information about cancer and getting treatment, as well as holistic palliative care (psychological, social, spiritual and physical).

The project started in the Summer of 2012 and the volunteers are already making a big difference.  Longer term aims are to develop further information tools and establish a mobile booth and support centre. The more money we can raise the more we can extend this project and provide a permanent support centre where patients and family can meet, have a place to rest, share stories, and get information.

2. Cancer treatment

We will set aside up to 10% of our funding to support individuals who need treatments that are either not available in Uganda or are prohibitively expensive. In each case there must be evidence that the treatment will significantly improve the chance of survival and is not provided by the Government.

Our current campaign is for Lilly, a Ugandan student suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  You can help Lilly’s family and friends raise money for her treatment on their JustGiving page.  All the money donated through this page will go directly to Lilly’s treatment.

Find out more about how we support treatment for cancer patients.

Future projects

In the future we would like to expand the scope of our activities by increasing the number of people we are supporting, and raising awareness internationally of the issues around cancer treatment in Uganda and other African countries.

We need your help to raise the money to take these forward!