Annual Report 2013

1st August 2013

The volunteer programme run by the Makerere Palliative Care Unit has been very successful and has managed to reach out to and support many cancer patients going through difficult times in their care journey. The unit is extending the
scope of the service they offer with a TV and video information display in the Radiotherapy centre. The next step will be to set up the post of an information nurse to manage and communicate essential information to cancer patients and
their carers.

In the UK we have been giving more attention to fundraising to maintain the current volunteer programme and to support the new plans for an information nurse. We have been seeking grants from a variety of organisations, so far without success, but also holding individual events which have been very successful. See below for details.

We have had great support from a number of people in different areas:

  • Liz and Michael Minton who visited Kampala last year to do some more training with the volunteers. They will be in Kampala again in August and aim to run ‘lessons learned’ workshops with the volunteers which will help them and us to understand the best use of time and resources to achieve maximum results. Liz and Michael have also agreed to join us as trustees of the charity and we welcome their support and contributions
  • Elisabeth Davies facilitated a workshop with the Trustees to help us re-formulate our business plan and define the next steps for the charity. This work is still ongoing and we look forward to developing this further in the next year
  • Nicole Lyons, who has been a friend to the charity since its inception, has been the catalyst for 2 fundraising events. She arranged a charity auction event at the Legal Services Board (LSB) raising over £2,000, and inspired a Disney screening event at a local school which also raised about £1,500. Many many thanks and our best wishes to Nicole and everyone who supported these events.
  • Alex Hannah – not content with doing a gruelling sponsored bike ride in mid Wales last year, has decided to do it all over again this year, and has managed to persuade some other hardy types to join him! Thanks again to all taking part and to those sponsoring them and cheering from the sidelines
  • Ivan Onapito, the coordinator of the volunteer programme in Kampala, has put together a series of stories and photos of some of the patients at the hospital, demonstrating vividly both the needs and the results achieved by the volunteers. Cathryn has used these to good effect in the Summer newsletter issued recently.
  • We couldn’t do anything without the support of the many people in the UK who have helped enormously to help us achieve some great results, so another big thank you to all of you, and also for the kind hospitality and welcome given by friends and colleagues in Uganda to all who visited Kampala on behalf of UCTUK.