Annual Report 2010

Our first year as a charity has been an eventful but exciting one!  We’ve met some great people who are very passionate about the issues faced by cancer patients in Uganda, and have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity we have received.

We have focused on fundraising and developing our strategy, making sure we can add to, but not compete with, existing projects and organisations.

There are no paid staff at the trust, all activities are undertaken by trustees and volunteers in their spare time.

Our main achievements have been:

  • developing a brand, website and other communication materials for the charity
  • establishing a key group of individuals committed to the charity, through social networking and events
  • raising £14000 through individual donations and fundraising events including a sponsored walk, cake sales, sponsored sparring event, and the sale of prints by the artist Tony Whitehouse
  • a successful launch event at the Cartoon Museum, involving members of the Ugandan expatriate community
  • beginning to establish links with key cancer organisations in the UK and Uganda

Now that the charity has established a solid foundation, we will focus more effort in 2010-2011 on delivering the aims of the charity, and less effort on fundraising.

This year we aim to:

  • commission an independent assessment of the options for Uganda Cancer Trust UK to fund activities that will develop and strengthen support networks for cancer patients in Uganda
  • prioritise and begin funding a list of projects
  • develop fundraising campaigns around specific projects or individuals that need support
  • build links with Uganda and UK charities and other organisations to share information and develop the resources available for cancer sufferers in Uganda
  • increase our understanding of the challenges facing cancer sufferers in Uganda and start raising awareness of the issues

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