Annual Report 2018

Over the past year we have continued to support the work of our Ugandan partner, the Makerere Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) in Kampala, who have been extending the volunteer programme to develop additional volunteer cohort, specifically based around the Naguru hospital site. We have provided funding to allow a comprehensive training programme and to help with volunteer expenses, and also to support a new initiative aimed at training general nurses about palliative care who can act as a link between the hospital wards and departments and the MPCU. Extending the awareness and capability for palliative care is an important part of building capacity and capability within the healthcare system. There is good news from Kampala in that a new radiotherapy machine is now operational, and a further machine is planned for later this year; a significant help and hope for all patients.

The Palliative Care Association of Uganda held a conference in August 2017 in conjunction with the Uganda Cancer Institute which was celebrating its 50th anniversary, and I was pleased to be able to visit this as it gave the opportunity to make many contacts and get a better overview of the service provision for patients and their carers. In particular I met the Executive Director of the Uganda Cancer Society, discussing the potential for a cancer support centre which is also one of his key aims. This contact has continued over the year and we see a good opportunity to moving forward with developing this initiative.

Liz Nabirye, the information nurse from MPCU, visited the UK in the autumn, and was able to meet members of the BOAT charity who have supported her over several years. As a result we were delighted to receive a further grant towards the MPCU projects. Many thanks to BOAT and all our other donors for your support.

As always many different people and organisations have generously supported us and nothing at all would happen without this. I hope this report will give you an insight into the work that we are trying to do and the use we are making of your generous help, so another big thank you to everyone; please do keep on supporting us.

Christine Whitehouse

Download our full Uganda Cancer Trust UK Annual Report 2018.

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