Summer newsletter 2015

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Thank you to everyone who supported Edward Mukasa in his fundraising efforts for UCTUK. He ran in the 10k relay event as part of the International Marathon and achieved third place in a fantastic 29 minutes. And he managed to raise £645 to date for the charity, which will go to support the volunteer projects at Mulago Hospital. See page 5 for details about next year’s event if you are inspired to take part!

Christine Whitehouse visited Kampala in March and met with Dr Mhoira Leng, Ivan Onapito, Liz Nabirye and the rest of the volunteer team. She was able to sit in on some of the regular meetings and experience the work done by the volunteers first hand, and also meet some of the patients at the radiotherapy hostel and hear their stories. Christine also visited the new buildings developed for the Uganda Cancer Institute which will provide significant improvements in the delivery of cancer services in the region. Our hope is that our links with the Institute will gradually extend and lead to collaborations for supporting cancer patients and their carers such as a Drop-In Centre and Information Desk.

Ivan is the co-ordinator of the volunteer project, and is currently leading the development of ideas for placing these projects on a more sustainable footing for the future with the aim being to provide properly funded permanent work placements. Christine was able to introduce Ivan to Lydia Kakooza, who was the original inspiration for the charity and who is now keen to try to develop further the support services available to cancer patients.

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